“True Kootenay Quads” Cactus Breath AAAA

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First bred by Jordan of the Islands, Cactus is an indica cross between Afghani and Northern Lights and is named after its vague resemblance to the pear cactus. Cactus buds are conic with knobby formations and emit an organic earthy aroma with citrus notes. This indica is an adept painkiller, providing relief to aches and sore muscles as well as spasms and anxiety. While its indica genetics prepare us for a sleepy, relaxed experience, many describe Cactus as having more uplifting, energizing effects characteristic of sativa strains.

4 reviews for “True Kootenay Quads” Cactus Breath AAAA

  1. Houston Teeter

    You het what you see 2ith this bud just sticky and covered in trichomes nice smorh smoke must try

  2. Nestiral (verified owner)

    UNREAL. New favorite, makes other strains seem lame

  3. Dillon Crowe

    Best flower I’ve had in a really long time, the buds are beautiful, tastes great and gets you sky high!

  4. Dustin Holmes

    Pretty decent bud. Not the best but definitely not the worst, its similar to the Sophie’s Breath with how it smokes, has a great smell though. I loved the smell of this weed.

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