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Comes in a plastic syringe.


7 reviews for Cherry Oil LIMITED SALE – IMPROVED FORMULA

  1. ClunkR19

    Is good anytime of day … very enjoyable tasty smooth nice happy effect relaxing

  2. Chad

    Not smooth in a doobie in fact I nearly hacked my head off. Good high.

  3. Calder MacDonald

    Really good edible oil, to whoever said they smoked it in a doobie… you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, it’s cherry oil, aka Rick Simpson oil. You don’t smoke it.

  4. Covey

    Quite Miraculous. My friend swears it’s fixing his Cancerous nose problem, his sciatic nerve pain has all but disappeared, emotional stability and more energy, sleeping better. He’ll be buying 4 next time around and I’ll grab one myself. Incredible anti-inflammatory response on arthritic hands…

  5. brandondirsa76

    Taste good, really good high! Way smoother!!!!! Its my go too!

  6. Conor Beveridge

    You can definitely smoke cherry oil? It’s just ISO extract with a heat purge? You are the noob

  7. Josh Werk

    First time trying cherry oil it is actually really good it might throw you off with the charcoal taste but it is a great high

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