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Coast Concentrates – Marijuana Shatter

Coast Concentrates are one of Canada’s highest quality shatter brands, hailing from Vancouver British Columbia. All of their marijuana shatters are produced from premium strains of well-known and high quality cannabis.

Every strain of marijuana used at Coast Concentrates is always top shelf, and the end product, the golden yellow shatter shows that.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is one of the purest forms of cannabis you can consume. Cannabis shatter is a type of extract made from trichomes stripped from the cannabis flowers. It has a translucent, honey-gold colour and is named for its solid form. When it is dropped it breaks or “shatters” like glass, which is how it originally got its name.

Who is Cannabis Shatter Made?

As with all cannabis extracts, a solvent is used to separate the trichomes from the plant. Trichomes are tiny clear hairs that stick out from the cannabis flowers and leaves where two cannabinoids, THC and terpenes, are stored.

After the trichomes are separated from the flower, the contents are gathered and heated to expel the solvents from the extract. It’s then mixed or whipped into a creamy texture, which then hardens into a solid form.

How much THC is in Shatter?

Shatters contact roughly 80% to 90% concentrations of THC, whereas regular marijuana buds range from 10 to 30 percent (for top-shelf strains), thus making shatters incredibly potent.

How are Shatters Consumed?

There are a few ways to consume shatter, but the most popular way to use shatter is with a dabbing rig. These are special types of bongs used for consuming concentrates, extracts, and oils. A small bowl, referred to as “the nail”, is heated up using a small dessert torch that are commonly used for making cremem brulee’s. A small piece of shatter is then placed into the bowl and it will immediately start smoking. You can then inhale it.

Other ways to comsume it are to add a small amount of shatter onto a normal bowl of marijuana. The shatter will melt into the bowl and make it MUCH more potent. Be sure not to put shatters into an empty bowl, as they will melt and fall through the holes of the pipe – wasting your shatter.

Are Shatters Safe?

When smoking marijuana in a pipe or joint, you are setting fire to a plant and inhaling. You will be breathing in burnt material, but with shatters you are smoking 80% to 90% pure THC crystals. Many shatter smokers have reported that they feel it’s a “cleaner” way of getting high, as you are only igniting the pure crystal and not inhaling burnt plant matter.

Some shatters are produced using butane, propane, or CO2. In the production of the shatters, the solvents are burned off, leaving behind no trace of the original solvent used in the production process. CO2 is quickly becoming the go-to for high quality shatter makers, as the taste is pure and CO2 is completely harmless.


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