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Elev8 is the first ever recreational use only THC distillate vape pen on the market. The Elev8 vape pen consist of 94% THC distillate and natural flavoring; no PG, VG, PGe or artificial flavoring.

Most pens on the market are filled with a suspended crude extract like shatter (BHO) or have a watered down form of distillate that is full of fillers. The reason for this is because the majority of pens on the market were actually designed for e-juice, not concentrates, so the product has to be diluted to work properly.

The Elev8 vape pens are designed specifically for the viscosity of our THC distillate. Because the pens are designed for THC distillate they provide a richer taste and more potent effect.


2 reviews for Elev8 Pens

  1. kton

    Excellent pen, I didn’t even like vape pens until I tried the elevate. Now I always include 2 or 3 into every order I make. Good potency, high quality pen that holds a long charge. Highly recommended.


    honestly great product!

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