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It’s time to EVOLVE to a Cleaner High!

Evolve THC Vape pens are crafted to precision with care. Using only premium BC sourced bud to produce the highest quality distillate for that smooth taste. Made with all natural ingredients.
Whether you are looking for a quick medication dosage or you don’t have time to roll a joint or pull out a pipe and have the smell of marijuana lingering on you or around you this new Rechargeable EVOLVE THC vape pen is a must-have product. This new zero leak, sleek, and discreet pen houses a Ceramic Heating Coil that gives you a bigger and smoother vape hit. The Lithium-Ion Battery lasts two times longer than most other Disposables and can be recharged using a Mini USB cable.

Are you ready to EVOLVE?

Evolve Pens are filled with 800mg of Premium THC Distillate.

Made with BC Cannabis & Real Terpenes.

Lab-tested product with the highest quality standard.

Strength: 80-90% THC
Rechargeable Disposable THC Vape Pens.
NOTE: Disposable Pen Can be recharged using Mini USB cable But Mini USB cable is NOT included**

Strains Available: 
Girl Scout Cookies
Gorilla Glue #44
Death Bubba
OG Kush
Grapefruit Romulan
Pineapple Express
3 for $90

2 reviews for Evolve THC Vape Pens

  1. Fady Machaalani

    Works good. Got a 3 pack for $90.

    Mumbles tastes gross. Blueberry is good.

  2. Tattooedterri

    Good for on the go

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