Fukashima Moon Rockets


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Fukushima 1 Gram Moon Rockets

1 Gram Joint

Award winning Fukushima Moon Rockets are sourced from the highest quality raw materials in Vancouver Island, then smuggled using chariots drawn by the infamous Fukushima radioactive wild boars. At Fukushima Preroll Factory™ we use the latest in joint rolling technology and our own grinding and finishing processes. We guarantee that our pre-rolls are the smoothest, even pulling, clean burning pre-rolls on the market today.

Fukushima Moon Rockets are always a hit at a party. They are filled with 1 gram of premium pre-rolled Indica or Sativa bud, dipped in a Fukushima clear specific strain terp sauce and then covered in golden kief.  Now that’s a Moon Rocket.
These are great for when nobody feels like rolling one up.  They come in a plastic tube so it won’t get squish in your pocket.
Choose between Indica or Sativa strain and add to cart.
The flavours of bud, distillate and kief combinations vary, but the genotype stays the same.  Its like a surpise everytime.
Please store hidden from children due to the fact the packaging sounds and looks yummy.


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