Kootenay Labs Shatter

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*this product has a butter/crumble texture

$30 / $25 on Shatterday

Do you dab? If so, come dab with us! Shatter is snappy sunshine. Great for frisbee with friends, dreamy movies and dreamless sleeps. Kootenay Labs Shatter is light, snappy and tasty as a bouquet of flowers.

Available in balanced hybrids as well as indica and sativa dominant strains.

Amber Sunset – IH
Black Mamba – IH
Blue Gelato – IH
Blue Sapphire – H
Bubba Jack – IH
Diesel Cookies – IH
Holy Muppets – H
Lilac Diesel – 50/50 H
Mimosa – H
Mr Banana – IH
Mystery Cookies – SH
PG-13 – IH (mislabeled as SH)
Rockstar – IH
Sherbert – IH
Sour Tangie – SH
Watermelon Kush – IH
Widow Cheese – IH

3 reviews for Kootenay Labs Shatter

  1. Lance

    Good quality, flavourful shatter. My favourite stuff from these guys, and I’ve tried a few different brands. Kootenay has the best flavour, hands down. Sometimes it comes in more of a sugar or wax state when compared to glass-like shatter, but don’t let this discourage you. It honestly just makes it easier to dab. Always dab at low temp with a carb cap and it is very smooth and flavourful.

  2. Jordan Snell

    i love bc bud

  3. Dillon Crowe

    Tried the Sherbet strain and it’s amazing! Very flavourful

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