Fukishima Moonrockets Indica

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Fukashima Moonrockets, are fit for a king.

Moon rocks are made from taking high grade and potent cannabis, rolling it in concentrated 87% THC distillate, and then it is dusted in dry-sift kief (THC crystals that fall off the cannabis buds). The result is a pre-rolled joint that will take you to the moon and back. Every toke provides profoundly euphoric sensations thanks to this masterful blend achieved by Moonrockets.

Buy one today and get a burst of flavour from each puff, and sit back and wait for the potent cannabis mix to wash over your body. The high can be felt from head to toe, and will have you relaxed quick.

3 reviews for Fukishima Moonrockets Indica

  1. Mary

    Holy smokes! This was a nice treat! I’ll definitely be getting this again. Burned well. Worked well considering I have a very high tolerance. The only thing, and this is personal preference, when you pull or puff on the joint the filter is open a lot and you get very big pulls. Still 5 stars though.

  2. Chad Courchene

    Taste was all right I thought it burnt really fast thou.

  3. Alex Potter

    Burns well, smokes good and packs a punch. Careful when lighting it otherwise you’ll burn off all of the kief before putting it out lol.

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