“True Kootenay Quads” MAD CAP AAAA


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Indica Dominate. Parents: 9lb Hammer & Mothertongue. Taste: Your sense of smell will be overwhelmed as this plant will have you believing that you are harvesting Blueberry muffins. Also present is a sharp, skunky, fruity aroma, as well as light floral implications. The sweet blueberry flavor is easily detected on the exhale.   High Type: Once you take a few puffs, be prepared to float away on a cloud of sunshine and happiness; warmth and relaxation. MadCap hits like a Hammer as it has a headband effect that creeps up on you and renders you relaxed. Definitely geared toward the experienced indica connoisseur. Recommended for evening use and is a formidable sleep aid. Can deliver relief from arthritis, migraines, PTSD, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, and an overall satisfying pain relief. Approx 24% THC


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