“True Kootenay Quads” Mandalorian 2.0 *SUPER SPRING SALE*


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Exotic Strain

PHC x God 2.0

Mandalorian is a super rare indica dominant hybrid strain. If you’re looking for a high to stimulate a nonexistent appetite or lift dampened spirits, you’ve found it! Mandalorian brings a full-bodied high to the table that will leave you ravenous and in good spirits long after your last toke. You’ll feel a rush of creative energy first that doesn’t do much in terms of productivity but will leave you daydreaming with blissful colorful visions. As your mind falls into this introspective almost psychoactive state, a tingle will start to spread from limb to limb before transforming into a body high and pulling you down into a state of couch-lock. As your entire body settles into deep relaxation, your stomach will take hold, leaving you reaching for anything edible in the area, never satisfied with what you find. These effects and its high THC level that bottoms out at 15% make Mandalorian perfect to treat appetite disorders, chronic pain, depression, and stress. It has a sweet sugary cherry flavor and smell with hints of rich skunky coffee on each smooth exhale. Mandalorian buds have lumpy light green nugs with purplish undertones, furry amber hairs, and a thick frosty coating of bright white trichomes.


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