“True Kootenay Quads” Sunset Octane 2 AAAA


Use Silver Surfer to fly through your daily agenda with productivity and confidence. The strain can also be a fun smoke at parties — but if you break it out in public, be prepared for its woodsy and earthy aroma to turn a few heads.

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Sunset Octane is an impeccable hybrid strain that has quickly made a name for itself within craft cannabis circles. This exotic strain was bred as a result of crossing Sunset Sherbet a sweet, delectable hybrid with the award winning High Octane OG. Renowned for its recreational and psychedelic effects – the high is centered around a cerebral feeling that is described to be euphoric and uplifting. If you’re looking for a strain to take away your stress and worries, or if you’re just looking to get stoned and have fun in the sun, this is the one for you! What makes Sunset Sherbert x High Octane OG exotic is the distinct terpene profile and flavours associated with this strain. A unique blend of diesel-like gas notes blend carefully with creamy, berry-like tones to create a delicious aroma and flavour that’ll be sure to please the senses.


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